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Sonali Bhattacharya

Sonali Bhattacharya is a full time mommy to an excessively active toddler and a part time aspiring writer. Motherhood is a never ending learning experience for her. Joining this writing platforms has blessed her with a bunch of learned friends.

If only I knew… 3.25/5 (2)

Avanika knew something was wrong the second she spied his name flash on the screen. It was tempting to ignore the call, but instincts told her she should at least listen to what he has to say. “Yes?” Her voice was even. “I need your help, Avni. Come […]

Doomsday Read and rate this story.

“So Mother earth slipped into deep slumber”, finishing her story Tuli kissed her 7year old twins goodnight and left. “They finally slept?”, enquired Sahil. “Ya, but they are too excited about their Earth Day project. After all it’s their first time”, replied Tuli. “I hope their model gets […]

Ticket to Paradise Read and rate this story.

“Congrats great news, Arsh must be elated. Finally he bagged the responsibility. So Alpine holidays or English breakfast by the Thames?” exclaimed Sheetal to Snigdha over call. Sheetal, Arsh and Snigdha were college mates . After completing their college, Sheetal went abroad to pursue higher education while the […]