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Sreeparna Sen

Sreeparna Sen

Sreeparna Sen, a Banker by profession and a Computer Engineer by education, finds her solace in writing. Aspires to become a published author someday. When she is not poking her nose in the bank documents , you can mostly find her nose in a book or Facebook.

The Elixir and the Nemesis 4.38/5 (4)

It was late afternoon when the neon-blue, vibrant autumn sky slowly turned dark and vengeful. Steaming shrouds of cloud coiled and writhed.  The wind whipped up into a frenzy and an unearthly caterwauling sound gave the surrounding an eerie feeling.  It was perhaps a keening omen of the […]

The Unhitched Matrimony 4.5/5 (3)

“Let’s keep the lights on today, darling.” “No!” I almost screamed, then somehow controlled. Taking a deep breath, I tried to sound as sweet as possible, “Please dear, you know I don’t feel right with the lights on.” “But, I want to see your face while making love. […]

Not My Sin Read and rate this story.

Author’s Note: The below story is a fictional representation of a thought process of a certain person as imagined by the author. This is no way reflects the author’s personal view on any specific class, creed or attire. The story in no way want to show any specific […]

Truth or Fiction Read and rate this story.

The two bodies were lying on the bed with their limbs at awkward angles. Their throats had been cut with something razor-sharp. The esophagus and arteries were sticking out like rubber tubing. And a nauseating smell filled the room – the smell that could only come from recently […]

The Door Read and rate this story.

The dream was back again. But, this time not in sleep. Amalia, the youngest General manager of the company was attending an important meeting, when suddenly  a staunch smell of burning flesh started filling the air. Everything got blurred around her. And the door appeared. A six pointed […]

A Fish-y tale Read and rate this story.

Decades ago when Kolkata was still called Calcutta and hardship for me only meant class exams, I met a ghost. Those days, summers were extra special. Long holidays, abundant juicy mangoes and the topping – our yearly visit to grandpa and granny. Spacious garden to play all-day long, […]