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Srishti Gupta

The Absence Read and rate this story.

Supriya just cuffed her shirt. Hiding her confident smirk, which she failed to do, she said, ” too much testosterone in this room, I am heading out guys, try not to burn the house down” “cocky today, are we?”, a husky voice in a low tone spoke. Supriya […]

The Twins Read and rate this story.

The freshness of that summer twilight was felt by us as the children enjoyed juicy mangoes from the farms nearby. This was evident from their happy faces and, quite surprisingly, the curve which never left their open mouths. It was as if it was fixed on their young […]

Maze Read and rate this story.

Today, as I am getting ready for school, I am thinking of the endless possibilities. As we live, nothing changes all this while. Days pass, a new year comes our way, gradually, and then boom! There comes the ‘It’s been one year already? My life’s completely changed!’ feeling. […]