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Srivalli Rekha

Srivalli Rekha

Srivalli Rekha is a blogger, writer, nature lover, passionate cook, an amateur photographer who cannot live without reading books and good music.

Her stories are featured in Sweek Flash Fiction Book(2018), Tales From the Cliff Anthology (2018) and 72 Hours of Insanity: Anthology of the Games Volume IV (2018).

Aromatic Makutu 4.38/5 (8)

Mysty Bayou– The freshly painted words on an old board greeted as our car entered the town. Delays shadowed me in every possible place. Still, I managed to reach the town before the night took over. Compact modern buildings stood beside ancient structures, elegant and attractive. Rolling down […]

Poetry and Prose 5/5 (1)

We have new writers joining the room every day- each of them in different stages of writing. We have poets who are prose writers, poets who are taking baby steps in prose and prose writers who are trying poetry.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know a few basic […]

By My Side 4.5/5 (1)

Needles pricked my arm. Head pounded like crazy. Parched mouth heavy with cigarette taste, it took effort to crack open my eyes. Blinking a few times, the features facing me became clear. Well groomed beard, messy hair covering his forehead, he was relaxed and naked. What the! Head […]

The Holiday Banter Read and rate this story.

“You are wrong.” “I don’t need your advice.” Sravi and Appu, the ‘monkey’ cousins, were at it, again. Aged 14 and 11 respectively, they met once or twice in a year during the holidays. “Granny is preparing bajji*.” Sravi’s mother announced. “Me!” Appu hollered, racing to the kitchen, […]