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Sudeepta Mohapatra

Sudeepta is a budding writer, passionate reader, wanderer, dreamer, seeker and a cinephile.

The Soldier’s Son Read and rate this story.

As they strolled along the brownstone-lined streets of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Katherine Anderson couldn’t stop admiring how the soft reds of the autumnal trees shedding their leaves twinned with the traditional brown-bricked houses. Brooklyn was new for Tran Ngoc Dung, her Vietnamese-American friend. But for her, it was home. […]

Mr. X Read and rate this story.

  One chilly evening of November, at Bangalore; inside the Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express: M: Aahh…home, sweet home! A: Did you notice how the people were staring at us? As if we have escaped from some zoo! Though I must admit that we were screaming like chimpanzees. D: Oh, […]

A Lie Read and rate this story.

The smell of mango blossoms and the sweet calls of cuckoos. Being away from home for few years by then, I was longing for such mornings. But, that morning, all that sweetness tasted utterly bitter. Because our old man ‘Gangadhar aka Shaktiman’ lay on the bed, powerless, quiet […]