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Sukanya Sarma

Sukanya Sarma hails from the beautiful city of Guwahati.
Currently, she is working with the rural banking sector in Bihar. Though she has always loved to read, she is completely new to the arena of writing. It is her own way of stress bursting and self-discovery.

The Wait 3.63/5 (4)

The old man woke up with a start. He looked around groggily and squinted as his eyes settled on the cloudy sky above. A droplet of rain landed on his forehead. He brushed it off and sat up. The little puppy that had been sleeping beside him on […]

Nandlal’s trunks Read and rate this story.

Nandlal hurriedly stuffed the two trunks with coins and jewellery. Thirty years back, Fed up with poverty and hunger he’d left his village in Gujranwala for Lahore. After several sleepless nights and countless petty jobs in the city, he managed to save enough money for starting a small […]