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Tanima Das

Tanima Das

Tanima writes primarily because she loves to write. She usually finds it really hard to talk about herself.

A Stitch in Time 3.17/5 (6)

AD 3478 Ralph chewed onto the last bit of nail on his little finger as he stared blankly at his laptop. It displayed back the compiled code to him. No errors, a few minor warnings and seemingly perfect; yet it was throwing up the wrong output on each […]

Second Chance Read and rate this story.

Ranjit knew that he had to dislodge the bullet from his right leg if he wanted to live. The searing pain seemed to radiate fast from the wound, rapidly decimating the strength and will that the man needed so badly. Ranjit propped himself up on his left elbow […]

For Christ’s Sake! Read and rate this story.

Alpana was putting away the breakfast dishes into the sink when a loud piercing wail was heard from the living room. She quickly washed her hands and rushed to check on her daughters. The younger one Donna was crying inconsolably. “What’s wrong dear?” “Didi said I’ve missed all […]

Beauty in the Beast Read and rate this story.

“I can’t do this, Vikram,” Sonia pleaded into the phone. “I respect you but I’d always feel pitied. Goodbye…”   She looked at her phone for a long moment after disconnecting the call. A few copious drops streamed down her eyes.   Vikram and she had met through […]