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Varsha Madhulika

Varsha is a nurse by profession who is currently working from home.

The fateful night Read and rate this story.

Wind was blowing callously and rain was pouring heavily making visibility poor. Amidst this as Thannapa lifted his eyes up to the sky, he saw a scintillating bright light in the darkened sky. Crippling fear gripped him as he saw this light-hole enlarging gradually until a doorway opened […]

Integral element Read and rate this story.

“Hey! Tympo why this commotion, early morning?” asked Malleus. “Malleo! You forgot. Today is that special day”, replied Tympo. “Ummhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Today is that day. That special day that will make us successful again.” “So are you ready stapes to unite with us and make it work […]

Letter that saved Read and rate this story.

Manish attends the door knock. Astonished he says, “Hello inspector.” “Are you Mr. Manish Bhanot?” “Ye…s. But what happened? I have not complained about anything.” “We have come to arrest you in case of the murder of famous theatre actress Tuhina Ghosh.” “Arrest???” “Tuhina is my friend ?? […]

Tragic Fate Read and rate this story.

Seven thirty on the evening of 16th May 2014, my phone rang. It was Shikha, my little cousin sister. “My queen, at your service…..” In response, I heard sobs. “What happened??” I enquired. “Di, …. Nishu is no more”, uttered she quaveringly. Dumbstruck stood I, at this news […]

DYING MUSEUM Read and rate this story.

Quadro Squad on mission, “Black forest solitaire hunt”. The Palaeographist Pia, physicst Mahima, mathematician Sagar, and infantry pride Major Anurag on air when Alex, the pilot, accentuated to a glinting spot down in the Berlin’s black forest. Nodding, Pia says, “Alex this is congruent to the great archeologist, […]