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Varshini Ravindran

Varshini is an IT Engineer by profession who has a flair for writing from a very young age. She is a occasional blogger and writes her mind out in her Facebook and Instagram pages. She has also written nano tales, poems for different online contests and received applause.

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Tears from Ben’s eyes streamed down together with the running water that continuously poured from the shower. He strangely wished that water had the property to wash away the troubles and make everything anew. Unfortunately, it could only wipe off his tears, not sorrows. It was an unusual morning at Ben’s. The […]

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“Radhikaaaaa!” her mother called out furiously for the fifth time. “Are you done yet?” she shouted, banging the bathroom door in one hand and holding a pooja plate in another. Radhika unlocked the door abruptly and hurried to the mirror. Before the camphor flame on the pooja plate could calm […]