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Yatindra Tawde

Yatindra Tawde

In my daily office grind, I make it a point to find time for writing. It is my good fortune to have found discerning readers like you who appreciate my amateur attempts.

Jagat Janani Read and rate this story.

Raunak was trembling. Time was running out. For the human species. The virus consumed entire countries. Both, men and women had fallen fatally ill but devouring the females at a faster rate. Suddenly lonely , as the men tried to adjust to a woman less world, they gave […]

The Feast Read and rate this story.

The phone rang shrilly disturbing the Saturday afternoon siesta of Mr. and Mrs. Braganza. The Mrs. answered. “Hello…oh hi, Maria. How are you?…Oh, a feast. So nice of you…yes, yes, we will certainly come tomorrow.” “Who was it, Julia?”, asked Tony or Mr. Braganza. “Mrs. Robinson has planned […]

Meow! Read and rate this story.

I was playing cricket with a bunch of friends in the building compound when suddenly, “Meow…Mew….Mouv”…and a shrill, “Meeee…”. Like most children, we all loved cats and especially the cute little kittens who tend to be always naughty. “Did you hear that?”, asked my neighbour Tanay. “Must be […]