Beaks Club

Beaks Club:

Beaks Club is a virtual club for the Wordsmiths at ArtoonsInn. Club membership is open to all willing members of the ArtoonsInn community who are able to meet the following criteria:

Criteria to join the Beaks Club:

  1. Must have been part of THE NEST for the recent 4 months.
  2. Must have received at least 3 writing events’ participation cards out of which at least 2 must be in the recent 2 months.
  3. Must possess two sole active Winner Cards from an open event(UniK or Artales only) or events hosted exclusively for the Feathers Club.


    Hold three active Swan cards awarded by the Watchers of ArtoonsInn,


    Hold one active Winner card(from an open or exclusive event for Feathers Club) and 2 active Swan cards.
    A Winner card/Swan card is valid(active) for 4 months from the date it was issued.

Beaks member criteria to continue membership:

  1. Must always be a member of The Nest.
  2. A member has to keep gaining Swan or Winner cards to extend their membership by 4 months. Note that with every card that you gain, you are renewing your membership by a period of (only) four months and that the previous cards’ validity period is not added to the current one.

*Beaks Members holding their membership continuously for a period of one year, receive an honorary certificate from ArtoonsInn.


Who are the Current Beaks Club members?
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What are UniK and ArTales?
What is a Winner card?

What is a Python card?
What is Claws Club?
What is Feathers Club?
Who are Watchers and Builders of ArtoonsInn?

Refer more FAQs here:

NOTE: The Club Criteria are subjected to changes at any given time and the members will be notified of it officially by email when there is an update.

NOTE: ArtoonsInn Watchers reserve the right to promote, demote or remove a club member from the Beaks Club for inappropriate conduct, breach of ethical policies within the community or whatsoever plausible reason.