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“Look, Maya, I know it must be a difficult situation for you and Ayaan. But you have to put your emotions aside just for the sake of your life,” said Dr Nikhil Shah who Maya thought was kind enough to show his concern. Maya was not only his patient but […]

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“We’ve to release the documentary on women’s day. It’s going to create a storm around the world.” Vinay said in a husky voice. For a flick of a second, my eyes locked with Vinay’s. I looked away into the mirror at my own reflection. “Which documentary? I don’t […]

A Wish I Made Read and rate this story.

The Last day For the first time in my eternity, I thank that I am not a girl. No, I am not gender-biased. Never. These corporate policies would have issued me a pink slip if the omnipresent human resource department would penetrate my thoughts. So, let me submerge […]

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Story Characters: AKASH and ANUSHKA – Husband and Wife at present times AMOL and VANDANA – Husband and Wife in 1970s time RAVISHANKAR and KAUSHALYA – Husband and Wife in 1930s time KAVITA BAI – A Dancer RENU (AMOL’s sister) RAMESH CHAND and SARITA (ANUSHKA’s parents)  Present times: […]

Hope and Survival Read and rate this story.

ANAHITA Anahita was sitting quietly in her room all alone. The board meeting had just gotten over and the flowers and congratulatory cards were strewn on the table. The board had unanimously selected her as the MD of the organization. She was still trying to make sense of […]

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“Well dad,” Nirmal sighed, “I guess I’m done with her.” He put the glass on the table and reached up to gently extract Neel’s hand from his shoulder. Neel complied, stepping back far enough to allow him to rise from his seat. In their house, the kitchen was […]