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“Raj and Simran also left two days back”, said Maya, “It was the seventh villa being vacated in Area 153. Now only two families are left here Amar – the Kumars and us”. Amar was just back from yet another one of his frequent business trips and Maya […]

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A small birthday celebration was going on in a Vishnu Temple of a small village in Tamil Nadu. The small boy was surrounded by his most of the family member s. His old grandmother was waiting on a wheelchair with her weak health outside the temple. The priest […]

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Raghavan was having an anger fit. He just couldn’t understand his wife’s nagging since the last few days. “I am telling you, Radhi, we aren’t going anywhere. Please stop your constant whining. Let the people go wherever they want, we will stay put. Understand! You better understand”, with […]

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“Are you sure we are at the right place?” asked Reya looking out of the window. “Map shows it. It is Area 153,” replied Tanay, still driving in the same direction. “But why most of the houses are for sale or rent?” Reya had curiosity in voice. “It’s […]