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The Soldier’s Son Read and rate this story.

As they strolled along the brownstone-lined streets of Brooklyn’s Williamsburg, Katherine Anderson couldn’t stop admiring how the soft reds of the autumnal trees shedding their leaves twinned with the traditional brown-bricked houses. Brooklyn was new for Tran Ngoc Dung, her Vietnamese-American friend. But for her, it was home. […]

Snow Sculpture Read and rate this story.

 “What a bliss it is to come back to one’s own  country.” thought Mioko . They had come back to Japan after staying in England for five years. After staying  with her parents in Tokyo,they were travelling to Sopporo. Where Tapamkun ,  her husband was to join as […]

Savannah Son Read and rate this story.

“Kuyaa… I’m off!” Milo walked briskly, leading his herd on a dusty road, the sand burning his feet more than usual. The Savannah sun shone mercilessly drinking up all the watering holes for the Maasai cattle. Milo had an agreement with the reserve game keeper, Moses: he would […]