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Everything was burning around me including my house, mother, father, and siblings. The tandav* dancing waves of the yellow-orange fire were engulfing everything and everyone, in its way. I was running to escape it but the fire was coming close to me, extending her long hands. Oh, my […]

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“Mmmm….a pinch of hing in the hot oil…….fry the onions till golden brown…..” “Hey Sandeep! Get ready for the meeting it’s in 20 minutes,” Sandeep jolted from his chair and hurriedly pressed alt+tab to flash the PowerPoint presentation on the screen and slipped swiftly the notepad in his […]

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“Hey Ma… Oh, it was okay. The post-presentation drill was a nightmare though! Sandy is particularly after my case… It’s like her life’s mission to make my life miserable… I know I’m still learning! But she has this grudge against me since my first presentation… Can we just […]

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Tashi woke up freezing on Sunday morning at five o’clock. He was supposed to be sleeping today till seven. It was a holiday in the Padum gompa. His home for the last seven years. He watched the sun rise over the Zanskar range and the mountains turn golden […]