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Frozen Moments Read and rate this story.

Today, Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai   Frozen Moments Locked in frames Shining glory Burned in flames She stood at a corner of the rectangular hall. Staring at the two walls, that met each other, adorned with a picture each, of the same structure, only in different times. ******* […]

Dr. Read and rate this story.

Even as a toddler, Binita had shown signs of taking a liking to the profession. Her parents worked in Mumbai. Binita was born and brought up in that big city. The parents tried their best for their darling daughter’s comfort and happiness. Little Binita had developed piles at […]

Per aspera ad astra Read and rate this story.

“As your bight an’ tiny spaaak Lights the tavelle in the daak, T’ough I know not wat you aaa, Twinkle, twinkle, little staa.” Little Pallavi finished reciting the poem she was practicing for her kindergarten interview, on a sultry Sunday noon. She was to attend an interview, conducted […]

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  It was one o’clock in the afternoon and it was getting sweltering hot in the bylanes of Katmandu. The summer was at its peak. Gagan and Varun were famished and were looking for a place to have their lunch after drifting through the markets all through the […]