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Dear Humankind You have been created in two different varieties called gender. A masculine and another feminine. Each one has been designed in a particular way with the appropriate nuts and bolts to carry out specific functions. As much as the two genders differ from each other, they […]

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Year 1994 She packed her bags hurriedly,hours after she received the telegram.It read”Dad suffered stroke.Come urgently.”She worked as a teacher in Coorg while her father Col.Arnold,a retired army man,lived in Goa. Late that night,as she walked on the cobbled street of this old Portuguese town,her heart skipped. “What […]

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Laura was greeted by dim candlelight, a windy staircase and an auctioneer, Cora. She had purchased the abandoned Civil War-era estate in Albion, NY. Her love for antiques made her to win this auction.   Climbing the stairs she proceeded inside a room. It was littered with undelivered […]