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Love and Lost Read and rate this story.

The fire behind them crackled as Kate finally gave up her cold war with David observing his calm demeanor as darkness since the Sunset. “What if we are stuck on this island for life?” Kate finally managed to start a proper conversation with him. Lying on her back, […]

An Unfair Eviction Read and rate this story.

An epidemic of daunting proportion had taken over. It all started a few weeks back when a murky greenish-brown hue was overcast on everything around them, a miasma of despair, if you will. Though they looked skyward through wary eyes, the dwellers didn’t make much of it initially. […]

The Folklore Read and rate this story.

Doctor Prithvi cursed his luck. From the moment he had set foot on Marhi, a secluded tribal village in the Himalayas, he had worked for its amelioration. The previously non-functioning government hospital saw major improvements. He toiled day and night to treat the natives, reduce their pain….and this […]