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Enlightened Read and rate this story.

‘Fire, we have to get out of here’.  I thought Lila was pulling a prank on me, but, then, I saw her gasping, her hands shook tremendously… ‘Where is our Baby?’ I asked, a knot of fear roiling through my spine. I heard her making a quick disgusting […]

RASHÔMON Read and rate this story.

Jerry’s mother, Martha, not one of world’s shiny happy beings, had a saying: ‘When things go wrong, they keep going wrong until there’s tears.’ ________________ Life has changed drastically, and yet how unchanged it has remained at the bottom. Just a week back, things were different, I was […]

Narrow Escape Read and rate this story.

My breath became laboured, my heartbeat increased, as I sat there under the bright light. Though my eyes were open I saw nothing in particular. My mouth was open, as if locked in a silent scream. My hands grabbed the blue arm-rests, my fingers taut, as droplets of sweat […]

Road Rage Read and rate this story.

Quietly they were driving back having paid last obeisance to Madhu’s mother who had left them a week ago. Madhu was still crying softly. Suddenly Amit felt that they were going wrong way.. There was no sign of any locality for miles. The road was becoming narrower and he could see […]

Lost Read and rate this story.

“We should have listened to mum”, Amy said with a sigh. “YOU are the one who sneaked out”, Eva said angrily. “I followed you so that you don’t get into trouble and now because of YOU both of us are stuck in this wilderness. Mum keeps saying how […]