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An Unpleasant Confession Read and rate this story.

“Why do you hide your pain behind that fake smile?” resting elbows on her knees, panting, Arya’s gaze made Jigisha uncomfortable. “Excuse me… ahh…. what?” Jigisha’s authoritative voice had turned soft suddenly. “Yes… you heard that right, Jigisha” Arya said without blinking. “I guess we are done with […]

Retrouvailles Read and rate this story.

Shalini never liked rain. Damp and misty mornings always intensified her desolation. She sat beside the window sipping coffee with a memoir in her lap retrieved from the storeroom that morning. As she watched the rain, the phone rang. “Hello, Di, How are you? It’s Megha here.” Shalini’s […]

Half Bloom Read and rate this story.

Today seems to be a day of inescapable wetness. The downpour lashes the air furiously. The smell of fresh coffee, turning cold, fuels my stamina as I fill in the paperwork for the case that would be closed by tomorrow. _________________________________________________________________ CASE FILE: Damian Fox Overview of case: […]

The Monsooner Read and rate this story.

‘Can you see a pattern here?’ asked the Inspector. ‘All during monsoon, Sir’, the new recruit answered promptly. ‘Hence I christened him the Monsooner.’, the inspector continued, ‘First victim, 2011, July 11, 24-year-old girl. Killed by a deep incision to the radial artery. 32 other cuts in the […]

Washed by the Rain 0/5 (1)

The house was empty. I snuggled on the sofa beside the window. Wiping the glass with the arm of my sweater, I saw a curtain of rain isolating me from the rest of the world. Cherie was back at the university. She would get used to the loss […]