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Rose Buds Read and rate this story.

He came closer. Our breaths almost intermingling. I was desperate for the next step. He hugged me in an embrace.All of a sudden, a queer feeling took over me. I jostled and pushed him aside. ‘Rohan! Don’t!’ ‘Did I do anything wrong? Are you hurt, Vedika?’ ‘I am […]

The last hug Read and rate this story.

The garlanded photo of my aunt’s face; reflected the same arrogance and ego of her prime. My mind raced, amidst the background of the Shradh rituals. We visited an aunt’s house in a suburb, during school vacations, when I was seven years. Amola Di, the elderly maid; but […]

A Fish-y tale Read and rate this story.

Decades ago when Kolkata was still called Calcutta and hardship for me only meant class exams, I met a ghost. Those days, summers were extra special. Long holidays, abundant juicy mangoes and the topping – our yearly visit to grandpa and granny. Spacious garden to play all-day long, […]

For Christ’s Sake! Read and rate this story.

Alpana was putting away the breakfast dishes into the sink when a loud piercing wail was heard from the living room. She quickly washed her hands and rushed to check on her daughters. The younger one Donna was crying inconsolably. “What’s wrong dear?” “Didi said I’ve missed all […]

Facade Read and rate this story.

“I am glad that you went for the dinner. Let bygones be bygones,” said my Mother. My husband assured me, “this was the first and last time we went for the dinner. Why disrespect the honor given to us?” “What honor you are talking about? After listening to […]