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Panchali Read and rate this story.

“Death is inevitable. Here goes the most talented, intelligent and beautiful woman”, said a sombre but scary voice. The voice subsided, and the sound ‘thud’ of a body dropping was heard. Draupadi fell from the side of the snowclad mountain. There she breathed her last. I woke up […]

The Valedictory Read and rate this story.

“Oh death!! You win, I lose. I bow to you.” My grieving heart couldn’t accept the unbearable news. I was introspecting over the inexorable reality of death and the ineffable truth of life. I contemplated that possibly the Gods were riled by our indomitable spirit, perhaps perceived as […]

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Sharmaji entered the club in the evening and silently sat in a chair; his chin cupped, head hanging down. The retired officers present there playing Table Tennis felt as if Sharmaji’s missile test had misfired. One of the members confided in his partner at play, “ Sharmaji is […]

Tragic Fate Read and rate this story.

Seven thirty on the evening of 16th May 2014, my phone rang. It was Shikha, my little cousin sister. “My queen, at your service…..” In response, I heard sobs. “What happened??” I enquired. “Di, …. Nishu is no more”, uttered she quaveringly. Dumbstruck stood I, at this news […]

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After several doorbell rings and battering, the doorknob was snapped by hammer and opened; the neighbours had also gathered. The moment the door opened, she saw his feet and screamed in a chilling voice. Her eyes flew open as she saw Raman dangling through the fan….. his eyes […]