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Horizon in death Read and rate this story.

Mathew was trying very hard to breathe. The pulse was dropping down exponentially. The doctor started giving him CPR and the nurses around started making arrangements for the surgery. The ECG graph started flattening. Mathew clearly knew that the next inhale he is going to take is his […]

Truth or Fiction Read and rate this story.

The two bodies were lying on the bed with their limbs at awkward angles. Their throats had been cut with something razor-sharp. The esophagus and arteries were sticking out like rubber tubing. And a nauseating smell filled the room – the smell that could only come from recently […]

A Lie Read and rate this story.

The smell of mango blossoms and the sweet calls of cuckoos. Being away from home for few years by then, I was longing for such mornings. But, that morning, all that sweetness tasted utterly bitter. Because our old man ‘Gangadhar aka Shaktiman’ lay on the bed, powerless, quiet […]

Fear Not! Read and rate this story.

Death flashed his arresting smile at God. God, despite Her supreme control, could not help but redden. ‘Flatterer!’, She said and hoped that Her pretended annoyance was bought. ‘Go on, what brings you ‘up’ here?, she demanded, her smile never leaving her ruby lips. ‘But it’s no exaggeration, […]