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The Well-Being Read and rate this story.

One instant Suman was there playing and in another, she had disappeared. Keshav was perplexed. He looked around in the mango orchard. Then he heard her voice coming from deep below the earth, “Bhaiyya, bachao1 …” He looked around. The voice was coming from the 3500mm diameter borewell. […]

Innocent Fear Read and rate this story.

Mohan looked at his twin brother anxiously. Though he was only two minutes younger, he always looked up to Ratan for solutions to all their problems. Ratan, the one to have a remedy for every problem nodded and placed an assuring hand on his brother’s shoulder, directing him […]

The First Scoop Read and rate this story.

“Amrita”, called the booming baritone. “ I’m home!” Amrita dashed into the room and gave her father a tight hug. “Welcome home, Papa!” The house came alive when Papa was home, she thought. It had always been like that. As long as she could remember. Mom was very […]

Adhesive Read and rate this story.

What’s in a name? Renu was surprised at herself. She was marrying a completely unknown man. it was she who tried to kick sanity in Pavitra. “ We buy dresses that fit us well. Why not our husbands?” and here she was an IIM post graduate, well settled, […]

Ticket to Paradise Read and rate this story.

“Congrats great news, Arsh must be elated. Finally he bagged the responsibility. So Alpine holidays or English breakfast by the Thames?” exclaimed Sheetal to Snigdha over call. Sheetal, Arsh and Snigdha were college mates . After completing their college, Sheetal went abroad to pursue higher education while the […]

The fateful night Read and rate this story.

Wind was blowing callously and rain was pouring heavily making visibility poor. Amidst this as Thannapa lifted his eyes up to the sky, he saw a scintillating bright light in the darkened sky. Crippling fear gripped him as he saw this light-hole enlarging gradually until a doorway opened […]

The Ruins Read and rate this story.

The loo* blew taking along with it a flurry of sand and Dhani pulled her odhani* and covered her eyes hastily. “Kathe reh gayi” *, Manu bai questioned as she helped her put down the three pitchers of water that Dhani had been carrying. Dhani adjusted her kanchli* […]

Lines of Hope Read and rate this story.

Anand and Seema were ecstatic today. Why shouldn’t they be!! After a long wait of seven years, they have seen two pink lines of hope. Anand was very delighted when they went for Seema’s first scan. Seema was having tears of joy when she saw that teeny- weeny […]

My Family Read and rate this story.

“Congratulations for the Social Worker of the Year Award! Please tell us, how do you manage it; along with your usual job?” Sameer asked, the tall and handsome Newsweek reporter with a gentle smile, while interviewing Ritweeka, the spectacled and dainty middle aged woman. “How are you filled […]

Nandlal’s trunks Read and rate this story.

Nandlal hurriedly stuffed the two trunks with coins and jewellery. Thirty years back, Fed up with poverty and hunger he’d left his village in Gujranwala for Lahore. After several sleepless nights and countless petty jobs in the city, he managed to save enough money for starting a small […]