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That evening Parth was a little more buoyant. A couple of more large ones would have made him measure the floor. He and his colleagues were having monthly drink party in the “License To Grill”  bar. The expenses were usually shared on TTMM basis.  So, some of the […]

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The dining room was a mess; the shreds of broken glasses were scattered all over the floor. It seemed as if some Tsunami had just come over. But the Mehta household was getting used to it. Mrs. Mehta tried to keep calm, though it was difficult. “Maya, come. […]

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Shayra grimaced looking at herself in the mirror. There was a trail of blood on her cheek, the cut narrowly missing her eye. She pulled out the antiseptic from the medicine cabinet and hurriedly cleaned the wound. Amma would be up any moment and she didn’t want to […]

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“Rohini, tell me what to do”, said Rahul, his voice cracking with emotion. Rohini could see that Rahul’s eyes were brimming over. The incident had impacted him greatly. Her pillar of strength, the man who could face a thousand storms and still emerge unscathed and victorious, was crumbling […]

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They had named her Anuya, born to Anup and Priya. The had prayed for having her for a long time of 14 years. Anup and Priya were elated. All these years, it was the only thing they had wanted so badly, to embrace parenthood. They tried everything – […]