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Goodbye, Dark Odour Read and rate this story.

Sameera held the photographs tight in her sweaty palms as her trembling feet slowly moved towards her house. The bright sunny morning was taking away the terror of the dark, sleepless night. She reached her room, locked herself & finally let out a loud cry from her suppressed […]

Friends Read and rate this story.

Roohi was sitting alone in her hostel room glancing through the window. As she watched other students prepare for festivities tonight, her mind was busy shuffling through the images of her home, her mother setting up idols for evening prayer, her father making fancy lights arrangements and her […]

The Gift Read and rate this story.

Sanah and I have been friends ever since we were in kindergarten. We were in the same school, same class and section. The teachers called us Siamese Twins since we were inseparable. Both of us excelled at academics and extracurricular. The only difference between us was our financial […]

The Bridge Between 5/5 (1)

It had been two months since 22-year-old Mark Lobo went missing. Though Mark’s name was still on the list of missing people in police records, his twin sister, Clara, stopped hoping for a knock on the door. As every day, she made her tea and took a pile […]

The Meeting Read and rate this story.

She read and re-read the note for the umpteenth time. “Midnight, on the bridge. Come alone.”   This note carries a  very familiar fragrance. The fragrance of her youth, of the times bygone.   For the world, the words of this letter may seem to read like a […]

Beauty in the Beast Read and rate this story.

“I can’t do this, Vikram,” Sonia pleaded into the phone. “I respect you but I’d always feel pitied. Goodbye…”   She looked at her phone for a long moment after disconnecting the call. A few copious drops streamed down her eyes.   Vikram and she had met through […]