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A Morning- My Childhood 3.75/5 (2)

The best part of growing up is, not knowing the fear to question. He gulped it, eyes closed, still on the bed with an arm supporting his neck, raising him just enough to enable him to drink the milk. “Done, aunt?” he asked as the hand eased him […]


He knew the very second their eyes locked that she desired him. And that she was his type, the adventurous one. No, they had never met before, never knew of each other’s existence until now. He crossed the whole length of the sprawling lobby, looking at her, smiling […]

The Well-Being Read and rate this story.

One instant Suman was there playing and in another, she had disappeared. Keshav was perplexed. He looked around in the mango orchard. Then he heard her voice coming from deep below the earth, “Bhaiyya, bachao1 …” He looked around. The voice was coming from the 3500mm diameter borewell. […]

MOTION EMOTION Read and rate this story.

It’s been four days I haven’t had motion. That’s a polite way of saying, a sophisticated way of letting the world know that I have been constipated for long and that is coming in between mine and people’s breath.  The doctors ask me to run, I am a marathon […]

Tethers Read and rate this story.

The beads and chains, Of custom and tradition, The inking of my face, The branding, in your name; Will not ground me! Rebellious my eyes Resolute my lips, My longing to escape. Surrounds me! My freedom, beyond fretters, I shall find. And I shall flee. Confined I am […]

The Playing Balls Read and rate this story.

They burst with a loud explosion! Manva got pusillanimous and kept her eyes closed. She felt something soft dropping on her head. Something from above touched her arms softly and dropped down. What was it? She could hear the laughter of her parents. “Happy birthday my sweet little […]

An Imaginary City Read and rate this story.

As I was thinking of an imaginary city, The one who created it must really be witty. Do you know the place name? Well, it’s called …. The dream plain. It has mountains of ice-cream, Which will make children witnessing it, beam. And having fruits encased in coverings […]

Woman’s World! Read and rate this story.

Walking, into the deep, dense but inhabited mind forest, I chanced upon a well. Happily drinking water I peeped inside. I stared at a man with moustaches and a turban. Gasping with shock, I looked around. It was me, the magical well water was reflecting my mirror image. […]

The Absence Read and rate this story.

Supriya just cuffed her shirt. Hiding her confident smirk, which she failed to do, she said, ” too much testosterone in this room, I am heading out guys, try not to burn the house down” “cocky today, are we?”, a husky voice in a low tone spoke. Supriya […]

Miss-Mess Read and rate this story.

It was unbelievable but it did happen. In the Diamond Bar, Abhay, Babusha and Charandas were lamenting over their woeful married life.. Abhay knew about a Goddess. She would fulfil the wishes of those who worship her for 3 consecutive days without taking food. They performed that task […]

Integral element Read and rate this story.

“Hey! Tympo why this commotion, early morning?” asked Malleus. “Malleo! You forgot. Today is that special day”, replied Tympo. “Ummhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Today is that day. That special day that will make us successful again.” “So are you ready stapes to unite with us and make it work […]

The epic Read and rate this story.

Criticizing women in every circumstance has always been a heart wrenching truth in the patriarchal world we live in. People regret only when they never get them back in their lives. The epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana had also been topic of discussion for the characters like Draupadi […]