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THE LETTER Read and rate this story.

Jed woke up that morning with a feeling of exhilaration and dread. Normally, he was the kind of person who lay in, banged the off button on his alarm clock, enjoyed the delicious comfort of his blanket, till finally when time and fate could no longer be denied, […]

Unshackled Read and rate this story.

Unshackled The aroma of sweets…my mouth is watering! This halwai certainly knows his job. Bright and sunny day. Spring now. Festive air. Such a delightful time. My Suman is getting married in two days. Clothes, utensils, gifts for her in-laws…all is done. Sheela is giving her gold earrings […]

banker chef Read and rate this story.

“Here comes your poha with chai, Sirji.” Raju grinned at Kunal. “Thanks, Raju.” It was Monday morning. After the late night movie with friends, Kunal hurried to the office and was unable to prepare his breakfast. The canteen below the office building was a savior to his grumbling […]

Trinity Read and rate this story.

“Oh God! Where am I? “, yelled a man as he found he is in a dark space. “Thank God! Who’s shouting there? listen to me, I am Mr.Gnosis”, another man said. “Like you, I am also unaware of this dark place”, Continued Mr.Gnosis, Scratching the side of […]

The Door Read and rate this story.

The dream was back again. But, this time not in sleep. Amalia, the youngest General manager of the company was attending an important meeting, when suddenly  a staunch smell of burning flesh started filling the air. Everything got blurred around her. And the door appeared. A six pointed […]

The Dusty Kaleidoscope Read and rate this story.

It hit her like a punch in the gut. The realisation that he was really gone. Then came the thought that soon the house too would belong to someone else. The new people would most likely tear it down, and build a multi storey concrete structure in its place. Soon, nothing […]