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Woman’s World! Read and rate this story.

Walking, into the deep, dense but inhabited mind forest, I chanced upon a well. Happily drinking water I peeped inside. I stared at a man with moustaches and a turban. Gasping with shock, I looked around. It was me, the magical well water was reflecting my mirror image. […]

The Absence Read and rate this story.

Supriya just cuffed her shirt. Hiding her confident smirk, which she failed to do, she said, ” too much testosterone in this room, I am heading out guys, try not to burn the house down” “cocky today, are we?”, a husky voice in a low tone spoke. Supriya […]

Miss-Mess Read and rate this story.

It was unbelievable but it did happen. In the Diamond Bar, Abhay, Babusha and Charandas were lamenting over their woeful married life.. Abhay knew about a Goddess. She would fulfil the wishes of those who worship her for 3 consecutive days without taking food. They performed that task […]

Integral element Read and rate this story.

“Hey! Tympo why this commotion, early morning?” asked Malleus. “Malleo! You forgot. Today is that special day”, replied Tympo. “Ummhhh! Yeah! Yeah! Today is that day. That special day that will make us successful again.” “So are you ready stapes to unite with us and make it work […]

The epic Read and rate this story.

Criticizing women in every circumstance has always been a heart wrenching truth in the patriarchal world we live in. People regret only when they never get them back in their lives. The epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana had also been topic of discussion for the characters like Draupadi […]

Ardhanariswar Read and rate this story.

The crowd cawed disconsolately on the roof of the Sahubabu’s house for a stale roti while pigeons continued cooing. After a long wait for the old lady they flew away silently. The cow mooed to be untied. The six month old baby cried bitterly. Sahubabu ordered “Oh, calm […]

“XY” || “XX” = ? Read and rate this story.

The world purely became male-dominated. Eventually, every female became a feminist. The male-Government decided to commit a moral-crime to terminate the feminist-revolution. All the males were forced to kill their lovable females in honour-killings. A-Few-years-later… “Grandpa, you look so tired. Please leave the lab and take rest”, said […]

Complete Read and rate this story.

Complete Within “Why in the world they had to be here?” Roger murmured as he tried to feel the surface below his feet in the pitch dark. “Shh don’t make noise and follow me,” John whispered. “It’s a sacred tomb…and they can get resurrected hearing your hoarse voice.” […]

FREEDOM AT MIDNIGHT Read and rate this story.

‘I’ve a question, Dad’, ‘Again!’ James spoke through clenched teeth, irritated. ‘Dad, do I have a Mom?’ ‘Mom! Now who told you about that, Ryan?’ James was exasperated at the boy’s never ending questions. Damn! the sci-fi movies he’s so fond of! ‘’Dad, I was rummaging through the […]

The Wall Read and rate this story.

Eventually, the world was partitioned. Men would live in ‘Kingdom’ ruled by the absolute misogynist Purushwamy and women would inhabit ‘Queendom’ reigned by the supreme misandrist Narigami. It all happened on the Raksha Bandhan Day. Vanshawali had flown six thousand miles in his private airplane only for the […]

Love Redefined Read and rate this story.

He breathed……..breathed deeper……………………His gushing breath was the only thing that disturbed the tranquil atmosphere. No chirping birds. No flapping wings. No rumbling traffic. Even the breeze couldn’t be heard. Silence in the new cell had heightened Zoe’s senses. But his heartbeat brought back the rhythm of his soul […]

He in she Read and rate this story.

Again he did the same! Why can’t I have male friends ? Why all restrictions on me? Just because I am a woman… I can’t wear shorts, I can’t forget to wear mangalsutra….damn ..when will this patriarchal culture will end ? Didn’t I welcome his female friends last […]

The realization Read and rate this story.

“No Dr. Shivi you can’t do this, this can become a curse to the humanity”! yelled Dr. Mahesh but she was determined to do that and in a blink with a push of a button the female gender from the human specie became disappear from the whole world.Where’s […]

Lawsonia Inermis Read and rate this story.

The satellite lost reception and everybody at the space centre turned into a nervous wreck. The last few of the female gender of the human species were sent into orbit on the Lawsonia Inermis space shuttle on 8 March 2050 from Thumba, India. It was their final bid […]

His Silence Read and rate this story.

“Wow! This is brilliant! Where did you learn this?” said Ashwin with awe, when he saw his little son Aarav dexterously preparing the pizza. “Mommy ….obviously! Who else can teach me, daddy?” said Aarav with his tiny hands still busy in spreading the oregano and chilli flakes. “Hmmm… […]