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The Missing Womb Read and rate this story.

“Suraj, get my tool-box from the attic” “Ok, Dad” While searching, Suraj’s attention was grabbed by a heavy metal box. After struggling, he opened it. “Suraj, what is taking you so long?” asked his grandfather. “Look Dadu, some photographs and odd-looking clothes.” “Who are these people? Why do […]

Bee-atastrophe! Read and rate this story.

Mr. Beearding stretched and yawned, ‘The home was quiet! Where had everyone gone?’ He rubbed his sleepy eyes, peeped in on the nursery, He was surprised. The nurses were missing, The babies were bawling. “Hey Mr. Beedding, where are the girls?” Mr. Beedding looked aghast. He remarked, “ […]

Yin and Yang Read and rate this story.

The barren desert stretched all around as far as the eye could see. There was no green to relieve the monotony not a blade of grass, not a shrub. It had been six months at this out post. No leave was possible given the hostilities breaking out at […]

Bishnu’s Maya Read and rate this story.

Bishnu was resting on the Anant Naag,Goddess Laxmi sitting by His side.All of a sudden they heard Narayan Narayan”. “Narad I was waiting for you..How was your trip?Is everything going smoothly there on the vast prosperous land of Amaravati?,asked the Lord. “Of course Prabhu.The people are very happy.Affluence […]

Land of the Lost Read and rate this story.

Circa 2519 AD: I write this entry when I am certain of the inevitable doom. The doom that was called upon itself. The doom that was meant to be. The doom that is nothing but a repercussion of Man’s own actions. Centuries of age-old patriarchy, lost all the […]

Circa 3019 Read and rate this story.

“Oh, not again!”, said the perplexed Creator of the Universe. “What brings you here every now and then?“, he angrily retorted to a mob of visibly restless men. “Oh my lord, we beg your pardon, but we are really facing a hard time due to our ancestors’ selfishness. […]

The Gnawing Emptiness Read and rate this story.

Professor Raul, was on the brink of a path breaking invention. As he completed the last minute tweaks, his eyes began gleaming with anticipation. Just then his phone rang. The mobile screen blinked with his wife’s picture. “Oh no, this lady always has such awful timing,” Raul muttered. […]

Value of She Read and rate this story.

“Parvati, can you see what is happening down on the Earth? The violence and dictatorship against women has increased manifold. We need to teach the self obsessed male kind a lesson”, said the seemingly worried Lord Shiva. “Sudha, Sudha! Where are you?” asked a just woken up Harish. […]

Redemption Read and rate this story.

Circa 2110 Dr. Treud’s clinic was swarming with men. Men of varying shapes, sizes and ethnicity had lined up in his swanky clinic. The waiting room which shone radiantly underneath the translucent walls looked almost unreal. Dr. Treud was one of the most prominent psychiatrists of his times. […]