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On the Woman’s Day Read and rate this story.

Swamped together in a spacious room A high platform poised with chairs Embellished with the present distinguished -Mostly women or followers Or scholars, who were to present there To harangue and spit on the social taboos Of which they belong to. At left corner, a lady in an […]

Inferno Read and rate this story.

Troubled and tortured woke he, By the trace of a memory, A drag he felt in his heart, He struggled to remember the start The abominable war! Levelled every trench and tor, He survived an apocalypse, Hope sank in a dark eclipse. Do I venture another stride? What […]

ONCE UPON A TIME Read and rate this story.

“So, it’s official, no more women,” the club secretary waved a letter from the census and statistics department that confirmed what their hearts desired. The announcement was met with a thunderous applause. As drinks were poured, someone said, “No one to tell us to pick after us.” “No […]

The Wormhole Read and rate this story.

ME 14 was panting in the tunnel. He tried so hard to find the Wormhole. His clan males were lying defunct-shocked microchips.He had to visit the Shaktis that haunted his programmed dreams. His thoughts drifted to his origin. Manufactured in lab-they all were now by mitosis, memories of […]

He Lost HER forever Read and rate this story.

Akash arouse merrily from his slumber and was beaming with happiness. He infiltrated to kitchen, heated the stale parantha’s and binged them .After ransacking the entire living room for TV remote, he finally watched cricket with junk food as his ally. The entire room reeked suddenly and he […]

Jagat Janani Read and rate this story.

Raunak was trembling. Time was running out. For the human species. The virus consumed entire countries. Both, men and women had fallen fatally ill but devouring the females at a faster rate. Suddenly lonely , as the men tried to adjust to a woman less world, they gave […]