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The Road Not Taken Read and rate this story.

Tall, dark-haired, wheatish, clean shaven, a thin-framed spectacle on my aquiline nose, very Indian in my looks and an attitude of an ‘ass’ is how any of my closest chums would describe me. I pass off as handsome for those who don’t think ‘fair is beautiful’!   Personally speaking, I […]

Sunrise in the Garden of Evil Read and rate this story.

Rohan remembers telling his mother “is it necessary that I should be the candidate for the next presidential election? After all, people are, independent and democracy will decide the future. Why our family wants to hold on to the power?” His mother surprised hearing his voice “you are scaring me, […]

A Little Thing Called Love Read and rate this story.

Prantik lost his cool when his friends started insisting ceaselessly to come with them for fishing. They didn’t want to leave him alone.  ‘Leave me alone, man’, he shrugged his shoulders and went back to his room, leaving behind three worried and bewildered faces.  Eventually, they went away […]

Maya Read and rate this story.

“You are so selfish, Maya.” “I can’t believe I married such a self-centered and self-obsessed person.” Deepak said all this and much more. Maya sat there, on her side of the bed, listening. Well, not really. She was numb. She didn’t feel a thing. She wasn’t listening or even hearing. […]

When We Met Read and rate this story.

For no particular reason, while booking my bus ticket online to Nasik, I kept clicking seat number “Q” and then chose another one. Again I went back to “Q” and then thought of the 5th row, and after repeating this twice I finally booked seat number “Q” with some inexplicable […]

I Choose You Read and rate this story.

Present Day “I don’t have the same feelings for you.” Meera gathers her courage and finally texts Sameer. Sameer is angry and relieved at the same time. Like he was hoping, Meera would bring this up. Last 6 months were different than the first 1.5 years. She had […]