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Heaven Read and rate this story.

‘Where’s the food I had left in that plate?! ‘ shouted the man. The woman calmly replied, ‘was’nt that supposed to be eaten… Was that stale? I just gulped the whole thing.. I was so hungry she said… The man said, our leader had sent us here because […]

The Ultimatum Read and rate this story.

“Universal Declaration of Rights of Mother Earth was bestowed upon me over a decade back. I was promised that I will not be exploited any further. But it is very clear that I have been deceived and you have not fulfilled your obligations on multiple fronts.” Pin drop […]

Love thy nature Read and rate this story.

“What about a real life story, Mom?”John asked. “So, you want to hear a real life story?” Rebecca glanced and started telling him a new story. Twenty years ago, a huge whipping storm captured all of us. Mother Nature was merciless. One storm left an estimated 20,000 dead […]

The Doomsday Read and rate this story.

With a strange commotion, the invitees and the members took their seats for the Earth Summit. Phones were flooded with messages. There was nervousness in the face of many and few stood up to leave. While the president was getting ready for her opening plenary session, her phone […]

Fury of Vasudha Read and rate this story.

‘Appa, look, the water is receding,’ cried Balu desperately. Ranganna rushed to Balu’s side and peeped into the well. His body convulsed in fear at the unimaginable sight – the walls of the well opened as large gaping mouths and swallowed the water in voracious gulps. The Earth […]

Whose hand? Read and rate this story.

Marathon election campaign. Thousands of people transported to the PM ‘s rally had painfully waited in sizzling summer in the stadium. The PM was late.Bored,they were yawning for chicken and power plus. Suddenly someone was heard saying from heaven. “Dear sons and daughters, your leader will come to […]

My Precious Read and rate this story.

‘The devil will soon be around if you don’t curb the ways of the world.’ She said as her vaporous figure stood before me like a genie. ‘What devil are you talking about?’ I queried. ‘The devil which will rise once the natural resources deplete and pollution rises. […]