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It might sound weird, but I belong to a pretty ‘SERIOUS’ family. Between me, my parents and my siblings, we hardly ever had any funny or humorous conversations. I always found my parents terribly firm, all that we talked about was academics and more academics. I was the […]

A Mother is Born 5/5 (1)

She needed an urgent c-section, the gynecologist had just informed at what was supposed to be her regular 37 weeks checkup. The baby was in extreme distress and it was going to be risky surgery for the mom and baby both. As she lay on the operating table […]

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That’s the status given by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to cheetahs. A paradoxically slow pace of multiplying numbers, for the fastest animal on the planet is responsible for their dwindling numbers. A predator that ends up being a prey to larger predators, cheetahs are the […]

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My mother was a gentle, petite, feminine, soft-spoken woman while I am…..not. I inherited my father’s looks, height, assertiveness, and temper (to say the least). When my mother passed away six years ago, my world crashed. Deeply depressed, I sought therapy (side note- I am a psychologist myself […]