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Tethers Read and rate this story.

The beads and chains, Of custom and tradition, The inking of my face, The branding, in your name; Will not ground me! Rebellious my eyes Resolute my lips, My longing to escape. Surrounds me! My freedom, beyond fretters, I shall find. And I shall flee. Confined I am […]

An Imaginary City Read and rate this story.

As I was thinking of an imaginary city, The one who created it must really be witty. Do you know the place name? Well, it’s called …. The dream plain. It has mountains of ice-cream, Which will make children witnessing it, beam. And having fruits encased in coverings […]

On the Woman’s Day Read and rate this story.

Swamped together in a spacious room A high platform poised with chairs Embellished with the present distinguished -Mostly women or followers Or scholars, who were to present there To harangue and spit on the social taboos Of which they belong to. At left corner, a lady in an […]

Inferno Read and rate this story.

Troubled and tortured woke he, By the trace of a memory, A drag he felt in his heart, He struggled to remember the start The abominable war! Levelled every trench and tor, He survived an apocalypse, Hope sank in a dark eclipse. Do I venture another stride? What […]

Girlhood Read and rate this story.

Gone are those golden days My unforgettable girlhood days; The delight of roaming with friends On the wide roads, with the fresh breeze blowing, Bougainvilleas peeping from both sides, the mosaic colours of red, yellow and white. No fear of eve teasing, No fear of vehicle rush; Expecting […]

Flood: The Uniter Read and rate this story.

Wings spread furiously, Eyes on destruction You came unnoticed; Revealing the true colours Of your monstrous nature. Washing away the hopes And strengthening the blasphemy. But, you also washed away the bigotries! You awakened humanity and The societal consciousness rose high. You blurred the line between the faiths […]