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The Drill of Love Read and rate this story.

  I, the darkness have stepped in to shadow the day and carry its riders to the engulfing moment of fear and flight by blanketing the night and donning its sleepers the vast world of dreams. Today is February 21, 2028. As I walked through the streets of […]

The Doomsday Read and rate this story.

I was again stuck in the same narrow roof. Looking down, I shivered. The world looked minuscule from this height. Some footsteps could be heard. They are approaching.  And approaching fast. A cold wave swept through my spines. There was nowhere to hide. I was cornered. They are […]

The Phoenix Read and rate this story.

 The horse ran through the thick darkness of the night, tearing into its ominous black. The piercing whistle punctured the sound of the galloping hooves. ‘Too close’ she thought anxiously and pleaded her horse to race faster. ‘Run, Karuppa. Save me from ignominy. Run’. Just then her faithful […]

7/11 Read and rate this story.

In the 47 years since I was born, that day has left a permanent imprint on my mind. 7/11, as it is known in common parlance – or 11th July 2006. Till that day I had lived a typical middle-class life in the city of Mumbai. Or rather, […]

31 Seconds Read and rate this story.

A raising wave from the ocean began to follow our rushing car. This wave, unlike every other wave, wasn’t intermittently ebbing away rather was persistently storming towards our car. Raging wave no longer was languidly carrying blueness of the water but had been transforming into a fire wave. The fire wave was unceasingly growing against the blueness of the sky. I found, bewildered myself […]