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To Err is Divine Read and rate this story.

Dear Humankind You have been created in two different varieties called gender. A masculine and another feminine. Each one has been designed in a particular way with the appropriate nuts and bolts to carry out specific functions. As much as the two genders differ from each other, they […]

banker chef Read and rate this story.

“Here comes your poha with chai, Sirji.” Raju grinned at Kunal. “Thanks, Raju.” It was Monday morning. After the late night movie with friends, Kunal hurried to the office and was unable to prepare his breakfast. The canteen below the office building was a savior to his grumbling […]

If only I had known Read and rate this story.

Year 1994 She packed her bags hurriedly,hours after she received the telegram.It read”Dad suffered stroke.Come urgently.”She worked as a teacher in Coorg while her father Col.Arnold,a retired army man,lived in Goa. Late that night,as she walked on the cobbled street of this old Portuguese town,her heart skipped. “What […]