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Be my valentine Read and rate this story.

Laura was greeted by dim candlelight, a windy staircase and an auctioneer, Cora. She had purchased the abandoned Civil War-era estate in Albion, NY. Her love for antiques made her to win this auction.   Climbing the stairs she proceeded inside a room. It was littered with undelivered […]

JCube Read and rate this story.

“Julie, I have booked three tickets of ‘Maine pyaar kiya’ as you wished.” Informed Jagdish, enthusiastic yet annoyed. “Woah! You, me and Jugal will have fun together. Weekend is set.” Julie cheered. “Destroyed I must say.” Jagdish was grumbling inwardly for Jugal playing gooseberry in his yet to […]

Load shedding Read and rate this story.

Noori was the shy girl of the colony, and Vicky used to admire her from his window. Slowly they were falling for each other.  ‘Load shedding’ is common in colonies. Vicky used to take this opportunity with no lights in the colony and would play guitar on new […]

I love you Read and rate this story.

We look forward to 28th December every year, a great occasion to get together for the 1980 matric batch. Annu joins us with her husband and children. During discussion she jokingly calls me foolish. ‘ Are you playing games with me?’ Pages of memory turn over afresh. It […]

Letter that saved Read and rate this story.

Manish attends the door knock. Astonished he says, “Hello inspector.” “Are you Mr. Manish Bhanot?” “Ye…s. But what happened? I have not complained about anything.” “We have come to arrest you in case of the murder of famous theatre actress Tuhina Ghosh.” “Arrest???” “Tuhina is my friend ?? […]

Love Happens. Read and rate this story.

  Sheena was busy arranging Mrs.Pinto’s clothes.When no one answered the Pinto’s doorbell in the morning, the overzealous maid urged Sheena, Mr. Sharma’s daughter , and neighbour, to assist her. The frail widow lay, non responsive, on her bed. The mortuary had requested a set of clothes for […]

If Only Read and rate this story.

  The sky was like a curtain of silk and tufts of cloud drifted past. Holding a piece of her heart in the form of a letter, Mithila stepped out to meet Ram. He was already there, waiting. The air around them was pregnant with the smell of […]

Silent love Read and rate this story.

  Saba and Johar met each other first at the school function. She was the teacher of the deaf and dumb school and he one of the trustees. After that, they often met in the school premises. Things changed. Saba found him, somebody like her and blossom of […]

Code Of Love Read and rate this story.

  “Once again, the best employee award goes to Mr.Rajan”, announced the CEO in the Annual day ceremony. “Dude, you have been working here for 4 years. You have got the award for all four years. Moreover, you have developed many complex software applications. How passionate you are! […]