Category: Senses Series

Imperfectly Perfect Read and rate this story.

Everyone is chasing perfection in this imperfect world. Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. It all will inevitably lead to success, but perfection will always be an illusion for everyone. Ashwin and his wife Sona were also living in their delusionary world of perfect love until that unfortunate […]

Bhairavi Read and rate this story.

Bhairavi munched on a Kaju-katli in reverie. The night sky was a kaleidoscopic dome of sparkling colours. It was Dussehra night and she was sprawled on an oversized chair in her Nani’s balcony. Inside, the adults chatted animatedly at the annual family gathering. 11-year-old Bhairavi was always bored […]

The Last Hope Read and rate this story.

“Throw those two scumbags in prison!” – The digital screen on Martian Chief’s chest displayed in a Red colour indicating fury. Maria wanted to argue, but suddenly everything was blacked out. She couldn’t see the red hues which surrounded the place any more. In that shock, she wanted […]

The Journey Read and rate this story.

The screeching sound of the wheels of the train jolted me out of threshold consciousness. With eyes half opened, I peeped out of the window. A view so familiar, telling me I had arrived, finally. This is my grandparents’ native village. My father with my mother and 4 […]