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Roused Read and rate this story.

ROUSED   The old man woke up with a start. He looked around groggily and squinted as his eyes settled on the cloudy sky above. A droplet of rain landed on his forehead. He brushed it off and sat up. The little puppy that had been sleeping beside […]

Hook, Line, and Sinker Read and rate this story.

Hook, Line, and Sinker He knew the very second their eyes locked that she desired him. And that she was his type, the adventurous one. No, they had never met before, never knew of each other’s existence until now. He crossed the whole length of the sprawling lobby, […]

The Holy Book Read and rate this story.

The Holy Book Late King: Go-Nak Pharaoh: Ra-Men-Tme Queen: Aneksi Lady-in-waiting: Khamen Priest/ Magician: Hufer Minister/ Vizir: Ammon They called me ‘God’s words’. I am not sure if it was true. Like everyone else I never knew my creator. I met many souls who swore upon me. Thank […]

The Standpoint Read and rate this story.

17thNovember, 1936 Even the dimmest of light can pierce through the thickest of darkness. True I see, as the soft morning light streaming through the minor cracks of wooden windows faded away the darkness of this empty courtroom. However, I know within hours, hundreds of footsteps and regular […]

Frozen Moments Read and rate this story.

Today, Jehangir art gallery, Mumbai   Frozen Moments Locked in frames Shining glory Burned in flames She stood at a corner of the rectangular hall. Staring at the two walls, that met each other, adorned with a picture each, of the same structure, only in different times. ******* […]

Dr. Read and rate this story.

Even as a toddler, Binita had shown signs of taking a liking to the profession. Her parents worked in Mumbai. Binita was born and brought up in that big city. The parents tried their best for their darling daughter’s comfort and happiness. Little Binita had developed piles at […]