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The Gavel Read and rate this story.

I, GAVEL, welcome you to Tollyganj Criminal Court No.2  at Kolkata. Take your seat. My place is on the right side of the spacious table of Honorable Judge Mr. Lahiri. He keeps me handy, but use me sparingly. He does fast clearance of cases before him, and his […]

Star-struck Read and rate this story.

Thorayur, a small village in Pollachi district. Although now well known for nefarious reasons, Pollachi is often known as the “Coconut Capital” of Tamilnadu. Thorayur is a quaint little village situated therein. Situated about 600 kms away from the state capital of Chennai, the village has coconut plantations […]

The Well-Being Read and rate this story.

One instant Suman was there playing and in another, she had disappeared. Keshav was perplexed. He looked around in the mango orchard. Then he heard her voice coming from deep below the earth, “Bhaiyya, bachao1 …” He looked around. The voice was coming from the 3500mm diameter borewell. […]

THE THRONE Read and rate this story.

  I was resting peacefully, but my peace was short-lived. Lords and ladies started filing in the courtroom. It was just dawn and this room had never been occupied so early. I wondered what must have happened. The advisors also started pouring in and took their respective seats […]

Per aspera ad astra Read and rate this story.

“As your bight an’ tiny spaaak Lights the tavelle in the daak, T’ough I know not wat you aaa, Twinkle, twinkle, little staa.” Little Pallavi finished reciting the poem she was practicing for her kindergarten interview, on a sultry Sunday noon. She was to attend an interview, conducted […]

Vernacular….! Read and rate this story.

       Her favourite fountain pen made a satisfying scratch as she titled her “t” in flourish.       She casually turned the paper around.      She stared in dismay!! One question remained unanswered…panicked, she tried to scribble something…. the examiner snatched away the paper..Nooooooooo…        Sai opened her eyes. The same old dream…she […]

Innocent Fear Read and rate this story.

Mohan looked at his twin brother anxiously. Though he was only two minutes younger, he always looked up to Ratan for solutions to all their problems. Ratan, the one to have a remedy for every problem nodded and placed an assuring hand on his brother’s shoulder, directing him […]