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Yesterday Never Dies Read and rate this story.

Bip…bip…bip…bip A blaring sound of alarm made Bhuban woke up. A red light started blinking at the top of a transparent glass chamber. Bhuban looked at a digital window hanging outside reluctantly-“Ahhhh.”. It was showing ‘Final Test Status of #629: Failed.’ Bhuban was a research scholar at a […]

While She Waits Read and rate this story.

Passengers grumbled, visitors gossiped, kids yelled. The airport always buzzed with an activity that could make a person go crazy. After five years of working with tourists, immigrants, travelers and who not, I could handle a majority of situations without losing my composure. Misplaced baggage irked the already […]

Unspoken Pain Read and rate this story.

“One coffee.” He used to slowly approach the counter and murmur. A short old man, always dressed in a formal shirt and trousers. Must have been in his late 70’s.  His hands often used to tremble, whenever he tried to pull money from his wallet, to pay for […]

The Greater Cause Read and rate this story.

Headquarters 72 hours before launch “What’s the update, Agent Ketura?” “Commander,” she saluted, “The team has picked all specimens from the five zones,” Ketura hesitated before revealing to the new commander that tradition had been broken this time. The commander, however, seemed to notice her hesitation. “What’s the […]