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100% consciousness Read and rate this story.

6th January 2095 Short feeeeeeed: New condensed and concised The civilization has reached to the apex of Maslow’s pyramid- to gain control on the human consciousness. Everything man could get or want is available in snap of fingers. We have sent the first unmanned space expedition to the […]

The Frozen Tears Read and rate this story.

Sia takes apprehensive steps towards the intriguing gothic structure.  Her mind is filled with myriad chaotic thoughts.  She has lost her nation, her people, her family, her friends. The partition has taken its price. Sia has survived to tell the gruesome tale of partition. Maybe this God will help me, […]

The Magic Potion Read and rate this story.

A pale moon glimmered outside her window. Yellow. Jaundiced. She sat hunched in a Baroque chair. Pensive. A grim smile dotted her thin lips. A storm was brewing outside. Inside her too. *************************************************** Rajyalakshmi Verma – the daughter of late chief minister Rajan Verma – was appointed the […]

The Meeting Read and rate this story.

“I don’t know what sort of subordinates you are having. If Ragu was here, problem would have been solved. Now the Chief has put a query and can he answer?” the DGM pointed his finger at Karthik in the meeting and blasted the Manager. “This problem itself is […]

STORM. Read and rate this story.

The beautiful ranch, in sunny Mexico, spread before her eyes. Samantha Crump, let out a phlegm filled cough, and walked towards the stables. She cast her eyes on Storm, her 5 year old, Thoroughbred mare. Standing tall, the ebony black mare, nuzzled her shoulder. “I am sorry Storm, […]

The Irony of Bliss Read and rate this story.

Poonya urged impatiently, “Tell the truth, don’t feel intimidated, they’ll help you, I promise.” Shabari didn’t respond, tears streaming down her eyes, she kept gazing at her burnt hands. The policewoman walked towards Shabari’s bed and asked her, “Did your husband pour boiling water on your hands?” Shabari […]