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The Holy Book Read and rate this story.

The Holy Book Late King: Go-Nak Pharaoh: Ra-Men-Tme Queen: Aneksi Lady-in-waiting: Khamen Priest/ Magician: Hufer Minister/ Vizir: Ammon They called me ‘God’s words’. I am not sure if it was true. Like everyone else I never knew my creator. I met many souls who swore upon me. Thank […]

The Standpoint Read and rate this story.

17thNovember, 1936 Even the dimmest of light can pierce through the thickest of darkness. True I see, as the soft morning light streaming through the minor cracks of wooden windows faded away the darkness of this empty courtroom. However, I know within hours, hundreds of footsteps and regular […]

The Gavel Read and rate this story.

I, GAVEL, welcome you to Tollyganj Criminal Court No.2  at Kolkata. Take your seat. My place is on the right side of the spacious table of Honorable Judge Mr. Lahiri. He keeps me handy, but use me sparingly. He does fast clearance of cases before him, and his […]

THE THRONE Read and rate this story.

  I was resting peacefully, but my peace was short-lived. Lords and ladies started filing in the courtroom. It was just dawn and this room had never been occupied so early. I wondered what must have happened. The advisors also started pouring in and took their respective seats […]