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Not a Family Man Read and rate this story.

[1998] He opened the door of the silent ICU and stormed into it. His creased shirt and messed up hair showed his restless efforts of reaching his dying wife. The nurse stared at him in shock. Before she could notify him about his irresponsible behaviour, he spoke looking […]

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I’m Robert Danwook, 61 years old. I live in a comfortable house along with my wife, daughter and son-in-law’s photos or should I say I live alone.   (incoming call for Robert interrupts the intro of him)    I said, “Oh! It’s from Aunt Glen” as I looked […]

The grey in us! Read and rate this story.

Aayush was 4 years old when we shifted to Canada from India. After 15 years, coming back to one’s own country was like moving to a new place. Although we didn’t sell our house and our families were still here. “Nothing much has changed, Aruna,” said my husband […]

Betrayed Read and rate this story.

“Don’t even think of it,” Prerna’s voice came thundering from the kitchen. Like all mothers, she seemed to possess some extra sensory perception that made life quite difficult for her two pre-teenagers. The jalebis, ripping with syrupy sweetness had been luring Bunty towards them for a long time. He […]

The Mystery Girl Read and rate this story.

‘Mr. George! How are you doing today? Don’t tell me you don’t know me.’   Have you ever met someone like George who is so confused about his past?   I have met so many Alzheimer’s patients over these years, but no one like George.   The human […]

Pure Mixture Read and rate this story.

‘So what you are you implying, Rama? That we are superior to others by simply being born in this caste?’ Venkat questioned Ramakrishnan with raised eyebrows.   ‘I am saying we are different. Certain differences make us superior to others by its nature. Some gene pools have an inherent ability to absorb […]