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Scattered Clues Read and rate this story.

The large oak door was open, allowing the winter chill to seep into the house. Where was the butler? “This way, ma’am. Please, the Inspector will tell you everything.” A constable steered me towards a room. “Amelia!” Lizzy sobbed. “Ellen… is no more.” The Inspector, a stout man […]

Guilt Read and rate this story.

Our errand boy Gopal handed over a letter to me. “Sir, the postman brought this”, he said. It was an inland letter. “Who writes letters these days!”, I thought while turning it over. I saw the sender’s name – it read ‘Anamika and Biplab’. “A letter from them […]

DYING MUSEUM Read and rate this story.

Quadro Squad on mission, “Black forest solitaire hunt”. The Palaeographist Pia, physicst Mahima, mathematician Sagar, and infantry pride Major Anurag on air when Alex, the pilot, accentuated to a glinting spot down in the Berlin’s black forest. Nodding, Pia says, “Alex this is congruent to the great archeologist, […]

A Simple Life Read and rate this story.

It was Springtime, a sunny, Sunday morning, Amma as usual was busy with her daily household chores, be it rain or sunshine, the old lady always followed her routine, from the break of dawn before the rooster crows, till the dusk weaves its conspicuous way to the dark […]