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@ChaiPoint-Koramangala-Bengaluru-17Jul2019-6:15a.m. An anonymous person, while having chai, read one of the headlines of Deccan Herald. “A 32-years old woman reported missing earlier this week was found dead in the Canal of Kengeri. The cause of death is unknown”.   @Art-Of-Breathing-International-Center-Bengaluru-16Jul2019-8:00a.m. “Hello.., Inspector Dharmraj?”, wished Bhimsena, the General Manager, […]

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  One chilly evening of November, at Bangalore; inside the Bangalore-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express: M: Aahh…home, sweet home! A: Did you notice how the people were staring at us? As if we have escaped from some zoo! Though I must admit that we were screaming like chimpanzees. D: Oh, […]

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Rana Tarak stared at the reflection in the mirror. Although already 22, he was feeling like a 16-year-old teenager. After all, it was his first date with Nima. The lonesome pair of her eyes had been haunting him. “After meeting me, she will cherish this date of homecoming […]

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The lovely evening breeze swept across her face as Mita craned her head outside the car window. She always enjoyed this ride from home to her dance classes every day. The road snaked through the mountains on both sides, the lush green vegetation on the slopes, the stream […]