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We Are Family Read and rate this story.

Maria buttered the toasts and put in two different plates, crunchy ones for Mathew and soft ones for Michael. Oh, the boys are so particular about their choices. She thought smilingly. “Come on boys, breakfast is served,” she called them while pouring fresh orange juice in elegant crystal […]

Keep it secret Read and rate this story.

Keep it secret “Keep it secret.” “Shhh! Keep it top secret.” Secrets are the best paradox especially in India with nosy relatives, poking neighbours. Things get too difficult when it is politics; everybody seems to have rabbit ears. The rumour somersaulted to fly at a supersonic speed. Suddenly, […]

Lady Justice Read and rate this story.

Palamalai, an idyllic village in Coimbatore province, was the first Panchayat to get conditional autonomy during the British rule. A clandestine meeting with the Chief Minister of the Madras Presidency by Nattamai Ponnusamy facilitated this administrative change. Surprisingly, the villagers felt a sense of independence despite having to […]

Who? Read and rate this story.

Ajay was walking lazily on the footpath thinking about his beloved wife Urmi. These days, she was not be at home when he returned. Earlier when he returned home, she would be at the door with her long brown hair untied, just the way he liked it. Whenever […]

Outbreak! Read and rate this story.

  Akarsh was getting impatient. Three hours of agonizing wait in the sweltering March afternoon was rapidly draining out his energy and fortitude. An impromtu press conference called in by the State Health Ministry had resulted in a furore among the medias, causing his instant removal from the […]

The Feast Read and rate this story.

The phone rang shrilly disturbing the Saturday afternoon siesta of Mr. and Mrs. Braganza. The Mrs. answered. “Hello…oh hi, Maria. How are you?…Oh, a feast. So nice of you…yes, yes, we will certainly come tomorrow.” “Who was it, Julia?”, asked Tony or Mr. Braganza. “Mrs. Robinson has planned […]

Behind the Silence Read and rate this story.

Tears from Ben’s eyes streamed down together with the running water that continuously poured from the shower. He strangely wished that water had the property to wash away the troubles and make everything anew. Unfortunately, it could only wipe off his tears, not sorrows. It was an unusual morning at Ben’s. The […]