On entries received for Claws Club Exclusive events, ArtoonsInn will be placing Google ads. The proceeds generated from these Google ads will be debited to a virtual wallet, referred to as the ‘Clawlet’. This money will be the sole property of (only) the Claws Club members and nobody else shall have any claim over it.

A member from within the Claws Club (chosen by the Claws Club members themselves), referred to as the ‘Minder’ of the Club. Every three months, the minder will be granted access to stats that show the amount of money that has been generated.

T&C apply. Please refer to them below.

  1. All entries for Claws Club exclusive events shall have ads placed in them. All money that is generated by the ads will be deposited in the Clawlet which (only) Claws members will have claim over.
  2. Members who join the Claws Club shall have no claim over existing money in the Clawlet. They can only start claiming after completing 2 months of their Claws membership.
  3. Only the Minder will be shown the stats once every 3 months.
  4. The Clawlet can be cashed out (only) when it reaches a threshold of 100$.
  5. Claws members shall have a claim over the Clawlet only as long as they are part of the Club.
  6. What the members choose to do with the accumulated cash, or how they utilize it shall be their own decision. ArtoonsInn shall have no claim over Clawlet.
  7. ArtoonsInn shall support Claws Club members requesting to place any kind of paid ads instead of automated ads and sponsorships they bring for themselves, and would not ask for a part in payments.
  8. Claws Club members are not allowed to share their Clawlet status with anyone other than that of Claws Club members. The membership may be revoked if a Claws Club member is found guilty of sharing their Clawlet status with anyone outside the Club.
  9. ArtoonsInn has the right to update the T&C of Clawlet, discontinue Ads or abandon the Clawlet without any prior information. However, should such a situation arise, the existing amount of cash in the Clawlet shall be paid in full to the members who have claim over them.


Know who are Claws Club members here:


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