Claws Club:

Claws Club is a virtual club for the prime writers of ArtoonsInn. Club membership is open to all willing members of the ArtoonsInn community who are able to meet the following criteria:

Claws Club member criteria:

  1. Must have been an active writer in ArtoonsInn|Writers and Readers Room for the recent 3 months.
  2. Must have received at least 3 writing events’ participation cards(White cards) out of which at least 2 must be in the recent 2 months or 5 Guest cards(Grey cards) from ArtoonsInn out of which at least 3 must be in the recent 2 months.
  3. Must have been a sole winner(winner card holder) of any one of the 900+ words (UniK & Artales) writing events or any two Five00 writing events ArtoonsInn has hosted or be a Blue card holder given by the Wings watch of ArtoonsInn.
  4. Inactivity of club members for a continuous period of 2 months would result in the withdrawal of the membership. (FAQs)


  1. Club members are featured in an anthology published every 6 months by ArtoonsInn.
  2. Members get to participate in events held exclusively for the club (sponsored by reputed organizations).
  3. Members holding their membership continuously for a period of one year receive an honorary certificate along with a Silver Card.

And more benefits to be updated soon…!

FAQs here: